Standing Desk App: version 1.0 is finally here

Welp, it’s time. After we made a few background changes, upped the version number, and finally signed the app, we got a 1.0!

There are some other things we could add to SDA, but for now it’s a working app that doesn’t need much else. Hopefully, it meets your standing desk needs on OS X for a long time.

Bugs squashed and version 1.0 to come

No new release yet, per se (you can always download and build the project yourself), but a few things got fixed recently and pushed to Github:

  • Global keyboard shortcuts have been fixed and changed to a CocoaPod
  • Fixed “All Day” preset to have no sitting time, and the correct number of seconds for standing
  • Fixed some trivial, yet bothersome, code warnings about integer precision

Some people have emailed recently to thank us for making the app, which felt a little out of the blue after so much time until we realized we are #2 on Google for “standing desk app” (the generic name helps after all!). All the same, they are very appreciated! Some features have even been requested that we plan to implement on our way to an actual 1.0 release.

Cheers for now 🙂

New website for Standing Desk App

Hot and fresh! If “hot” means “available” and “fresh” means “it’s been up for a few weeks”.

Check it:

This is where all releases for SDA will be available. Currently, we are up to v0.9, which is still pre-release. That means that it’s basically about as feature-rich as it’s going to get, but there is still some polishing and bug-fixing to be done. A proper 1.0 post will obviously be made when that happens. That, and a ticker-tape parade will be announced (does anyone do that anymore?).